Become a Comet "Track Day Brand Ambassador" 

Earn "CASH" at  your trackdays by hanging our Comet  Racing Leathers Banner


Our team will we will give you the full details of the program

We will never share your email address  -Promise.

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Save $$$ on your Track Day suit as Comet Product Ambassador

We make it easy for you to earn $$$ at every track Event -

  • We supply you everything you need:
  • *Comet Banner to hang,
  • *Comet shirts
  • *Personalized Business cards
  • *Comet discounts code to track your referral efforts and give special pricing!

Best Part time job you could ever have-"get paid to race"

"Follow your passion for racing and  make money at the same time- Our goal is  get track day racers  "Custom fit and  custom designed" suits at below  racks suit pricing by going direct  -Racer to Racer -Get in on the ground floor of this great opportunity"

Karl Borree

CEO & Founder, Comet Racing Leathers

All we ask is you that talk shop, show off your suit, be honest and tell other trackday riders about your experience  as a Comet customer

The more trackdays you attend the more you earn!


Help fellow riders receive huge savings as a Comet partner

Personalized Cards to hand out

Also pass on discounts to your social network and start earning CASH today!

A Comet banner to hang

Big savings on "Custom fit" suits

Easily earn extra cash for Track days and more..

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